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If your flight has been cancelled, if the aircraft has been delayed for a long time or if you have not been granted of boarding due to overbooking, you are entitled to get a compensation for your flight. If you are therefore wondering if you can get your flight refund, the answer is yes!

When is it possible to request a flight refund?

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The practice to obtain a flight refund can be very dangerous if you do not have the least knowledge of how to proceed, to which competent body you can refer, how to contact the airlines companies, which documentation to fill out and to whom you can send it.

According to the Charter of Rights of the Passenger, following one of the above circumstances, you must fill out a form to be sent to the airline company responsible for the inconvenience in order to get flight compensation . To this form you must attach:

  • a request letter for refund (containing all the necessary requirements for compensation of flight damage)
  • a copy of your boarding pass
  • a copy of the identity document

The airlines companies, in spite of the law are obliged to compensate travellers, more and more often, due to the increasing demands of refund flight of disappointed users who have had to endure hours of waiting and frustration for their delayed or cancelled flights, they tend to respond less to such claims or to his defense with a shortly founded apology as "a technical inconvenience", and so on. A real problem for passengers who operate a refund request

The result? Most passengers give up getting their flights refund!

With No Problem Flights you don't need to fill out any complicated forms to get your flight refund. All you need to do is entering your flight details and click Check compensation to find out immediately if you are entitled and how much your compensation amounts. No Problem Flights will manage for you all the bureaucratic process at your own expense.

The expert team of No Problem Flights is composed of professionals in the field who perfectly know all the references and methods for a correct and timely forwarding of the request for flight refund and practice management. Trusting in No Problem Flights you will no longer have to worry about paperwork and stress to get your refund.


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How much is the compensation?

Find out how much you owe in case of a refund of a flight ticket with the No Problem Flights service

The monetary compensation due to the passenger in case of delayed flight, cancellation and denied boarding is:

  • € 250,00 for intra-community flights of 1500 km or less;
  • € 400,00 for intra-community flights over 1500 km and for other flights over 3500 km;
  • € 600,00 for flights not included above..

The No Problem Flights team will take care of all the bureaucratic process of refund requests of flights to the airlines companies, sending the necessary documentation, assessing the requirements of the claim, supporting all the costs to manage he practice.

Find out how much is the financial compensation of the flight to which you can be entitled by entering your data in the appropriate compensation verification form.

What should you do to start a flight ticket refund practice?

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No Problem Flights travelers with all its experience and organization to obtain from the airlines companies the flight ticket refund and the compensation flight provided by the community legislation in the shortest possible time and without any advanced charge:

  • we verify the conditions for the submission of the complaint;
  • we forward on your behalf the request for refund and flight compensation and all necessary documentation;
  • we take charge of all the expenses to claim management;
  • we take care of all stages of the practice of flight refund and communications with the airline company;
  • we credit the compensation directly to your current account by withholding a compensation of 25% (VAT included).

In case of non-refund flight nothing is due to us!

How is it possible to avoid waiting and easily get flight compensation?

Enter only the data to forward the refund request with No Problem Flights and check immediately how much you are owed

To proceed in the claim for compensation of the flight ticket through our platform you need 3 simple steps:

  1. Click on the type of inconvenience (DELAYED FLIGHT - CANCELLED FLIGHT - DENIED BOARDING)
  2. Enter the flight code or the airline company you traveled with
  3. Enter the departure date of your flight

At this point, proceeding with the compilation of the form, you will be required a few simple data necessary to examine your request (eg. departure and arrival airport, delay minutes, reason for cancellation of the flight...). Once you enter this information, you can find out which flight refund you are entitled to.

As provided for by European Regulation (EU) no.261/2004passengers departing from an European airport or on a flight made by an airline company with a community destination in an airport situated in the territory of a member State – in the case of extended flight delay (over 3 hours), cancelled flight or denied boarding (overbooking), you are entitled to a financial compensation from the airline company, in addition to the refund of flight ticket if you had to.


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Flight refund obligation: when does it exist?

The refund of airline companies to provide flight refund exists in all cases of:

  • flights departing from a community country;
  • flights departing from a non-community country and arriving at an EU airport operated by community Airlines companies.

Are excluded from flight compensation

  • passengers who have been delayed or cancelled due to extraordinary circumstances that could not be avoided (e.g. adverse weather conditions, unexpected flight safety issues or strikes that compromise the service of a carrier);
  • passengers travelling free of charge or at a reduced rate not accessible to the public (for example, airline companies employees);

Please note: European rules to obtain flight compensation apply not only to scheduled flights, but also to low cost flights and charter flights!

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