Travellers’ protection: Passengers’ Bill of Rights

Passengers’ Charter of Rights is the reference document for travellers’ rights protection. Who wants his rights to be protected after an inconvenience suffered by airline companies, can consult this guide composed in different editions by the Enac, the National Body for the Civil Aviation, that provides to apply on the italian area the European Regulations n. 261 of 2004 which declares airline companies responsibilities and passengers refund terms.

Airline companies are therefore due to respect European guidelines referring to flight ticket refund in case of cancelled flights, delayed flights and overbooking. If you know the rights of air passengers you have a key factor to let them be respected, that's why in No Problem Flights, we want to provide you all the right tools to give you the availability to get a refund for the suffered inconvenience. We'll take care of everything, but it is important to be aware of your rights.