Flight cancellation refund

Here's what to do to receive the refund for cancelled flight in a short time

Was your flight cancelled by leaving you at the airport staring at a board? You may be entitled to compensation up to € 600 per passenger as provided by European regulation no 261/2004.

You no longer need to fill out complicated forms to obtain a ticket refund or compensation. In a few steps you can immediately know if you are entitled and how much your compensation amounts. What you need to do is just entering the details of your flight and click on Check compensation, No Problem Flights will handle all the bureaucratic process without any payment in advance.

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Flight cancellation: when to claim compensation

All the details to get your flight refund easily cancelled and find out what compensation you are owed

Attending the cancellation of the booked flight can be the beginning of a nightmare of waiting hours and desire to be protected. However, many travellers who face these problems are not aware of the existence of a European regulation predicting precise regulations on passenger assistance and compensation for flight cancellation.

Cases of flights cancelled without notice remain on the agenda, more and more often Airlines companies cancel flights for the strangest reasons, without even offering moral support to passengers on the gate. Just think of the recent cancelled flights by the most important companies such as Alitalia, Lufthansa and Air France, or by other famous low cost companies such as Ryanair and German Wings, with relative chaos at airports (Fiumicino in the first place). Do not forget that even the cancellation of flights booked through the most famous price comparison sites such as E-Dreams and Expedia, provides the same rights guaranteed by other booking methods.

For No Problem Flights there are no differences, each passenger has the right to get flight cancellation refund and adequate compensation!

How to get financial compensation cancellation flight?

Learn how to get your flight refund cancelled with the quick and convenient No Problem Flights service

Getting a refund for cancelled flights can be complicated and exhausting. Armed with patience, you should initially send a claim for cancelled flight compensation to the airline that was supposed to operate the flight. Only in case of a non-response at the end of a 6-week waiting period, or in case of non-exhaustive, evasive or fragmentary responses, a complaint may be made to Enac in digital or paper form. This procedure is slow, it may take months and not lead to the much coveted compensation for cancelled flight, if not, most often, to the loss of the advantage of obtaining a cancelled flight refund due to the expiration of the terms.

It can be frustrating to waste unnecessarily time and resources on an endless bureaucratic process to get results that almost certainly will never come. For this reason No Problem Flights takes care of all bureaucratic procedures and submits requests for flight cancellation refund in all appropriate locations.

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Passenger rights: cancelled flight compensation up to €600

How much is your compensation for flight cancellation? Here are the cases and digits

The Charter of Passenger Rights, drawn up by ENaC, the competent authority for flights, also provides a number of measures that must be guaranteed to travellers during their waiting hours, due to the cancellation of the flight:

  • meals and drinks in relation to the duration of the wait;
  • hotel accommodation or refund of the rate, in cases where overnight stays are required;
  • shuttle service from the airport to the place of accommodation or vice versa;
  • telephone calls or fax or e-mail messages;
  • refund of the cost of the flight ticket (without any penalty) and provision of a flight back to the airport of departure, alternatively boarding "as soon as possible" on another flight to the final destination.

In the case of a cancelled flight, European Regulation 261 of 2004 provides the passenger's right to compensation for a cancelled flight, which changes according to the distance and destination of the flight. The person who remains on the ground is entitled to a refund for cancelled flight if he submits a request within one year (timings related to the Italian state). Under this legislation, in fact, all passengers are entitled to immediate assistance from the airline company and to monetary flight compensation once they come back home.

The amount of the cancelled flight refund, between € 250 and € 600 depending on the route, can be obtained free of charge in these cases:

  • €250 for sections less than or equal to 1,500 km;
  • €400 for all intra-community routes over 1,500 km and for all other routes between 1,500 and 3,500 km;
  • €600 for the routes not included in those indicated above.

We help you to get compensation for your cancelled flight

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Getting compensation for cancelled flights can require a very complicated bureaucratic process and long timings that can discourage even the most determined travelers. It is just to help passengers who are entitled to obtain a refund that the project noproblemflights.it is born, the portal with which we want to help you preserve your rights and get you the coveted refund for the cancellation of your flight.

You will no longer have to worry about sending cancelled flight complaint letters to airlines companies hoping to receive an answer, you will not need to contact Enac by filling out endless forms. We will take care of everything, acting very quickly!

It will be enough to enter the data of the cancelled flight in the form that you find at the top of this page and check immediately if you are entitled for a refund. The advice will be absolutely free and without advances. Only in case of obtaining compensation for cancelled flight you will pay a small percentage for the service.

We offer our ten-year experience in the field of airline disputes and carry out your requests, without paying any amount in advance. Check by yourself if you are entitled to a cancelled flight refund by entering your flight data at the top of the request form. We'll take care of the rest!

Our team can boast thousands of refunds for cancelled flights given to our customers who in US have found a reliable and safe partner. We want to guarantee to all casual travellers the right to travel serenely and to obtain refund for cancelled flights and compensation for cancellation of flights, in the simplest and fastest possible way.

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Here are finally the cases where you are not entitled to have a refund for cancelled flight

  • The flight has been cancelled and you have been notified at least 14 days before departure by phone, e-mail, sms or according to the method chosen at the time of booking. The same occurs when an alternative flight is proposed with an earlier departure of no more than two hours than the departure time of the cancelled flight and with arrival at its destination no more than four hours after the originally scheduled time. In this case, too, you are not entitled to any financial compensation for the cancellation of the flight other than the refund of your flight ticket.
  • The flight was cancelled due to exceptional circumstances or causes. In this case you are only entitled to get refund of your flight ticket or a partial compensation for the part of the expenses related to the part of the journey not carried out. The exceptional circumstances which exempt the airline company from refunding travellers are those in which the airline company itself can demonstrate that the cancellation of the flight would still have occurred even if all appropriate measures had been taken and therefore it would not have been possible to avoid a discomfort. In this case, too, no compensation is due for a cancelled flight.
  • Exceptional circumstances may include the closure of airspace near the airport, possible problems with radar and aerial equipment, international security and terrorist attacks, security alerts or sudden strikes by airport staff. Not least the adverse climatic conditions or sudden environmental disasters: bad weather characterized by heavy rains, turbulence or sudden snowfall, but also dangerous natural events such as earthquakes or volcanic eruptions, of which here in Italy is often the protagonist Etna, creating chaos at the Fontanarossa Airport in Catania.
  • Flights departing from a non-EU country to an European country operated by non-EU airlines. In this case the protections depend on the local or national legislation and the regulations governing the signed transport contract.
  • Passengers who travel free of charge or who benefit of a reduced rate normally not accessible to the audience (employees of airline companies, tour operators, etc.) are not entitled to obtain refund for cancelled flight having benefited from a special price.
  • Travelers who are not allowed to board due to health or safety reasons. There are special conditions according to which access on board the aircraft is denied because it has invalid travel documents.